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The common inquiries are listed on the following pages in the form of Q&A. Before sending us an inquiry, please refer to "FAQ for PC/Mobile(Japanese)", "FAQ for Mobile(Mobage)(Japanese)", "FAQ for PC(Yahoo! Mobage)(Japanese)", and "FAQ for Smart Phone(Japanese)"

DeNA will reply to you within approximately three(3) business days after we receive your inquiry. Please wait until you receive our reply even if you are in hurry.Please note that it may take over three(3) business days due to our business.

Inquiries regarding our general services

Please send us an inquiry regarding general services of Mobage Open Platform from the following page.

Inquiries regarding Partner Developer Registration/business alliance etc.

Please consult us regarding Partner Developer Registration, opened business alliance, and partner support programs etc. from the following page.

Inquiry regarding coverage and press

Please send us a request regarding coverage of Mobage Open Platform/Mobage API and press from the following page.