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Developer Registration

Once you have completed your partner developer registration, you will be able to view the API specification information on this Mobage Developers Japan.

  • * This application does not guarantee the release of your game. Services other than those granted in the Terms and Conditions below require separate applications and reviews as specified by our company. Please register using the form below.
  • * This is for corporate registration only.

* Registration is for corporate clients only.

Original Terms and Conditions ( Japanese )

Terms and Conditions

  1. Services for partner developers (the "Services") are corporate services that enable use of the information providing service and community service related to the Mobage Open Platform.
  2. When using the Mobage Open Platform for services other than those stipulated in the preceding Paragraph (use of Mobage API, storage of application data, environmental tests on applications, distribution of applications, and others), separate application by the method stipulated by DeNA Co., Ltd. (the "Company"), as well as examination and approval by the Company, shall be necessary.
  3. Users of the Services ("Users") shall acknowledge in advance and without objection that the Company does not automatically grant the approval of the preceding Paragraph, and an application may be rejected at the Company's sole discretion.
  4. The Company shall not be held liable in any way for the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc., of any matter such as, but not limited to, the contents of the Services, use of the Services or information obtained by Users through the Services.
  5. Users shall use the Services at their responsibility, and the Company shall not be held liable in any way for any matter with Users caused by the Services.
  6. The Company shall have no obligation to intervene in any disputes that arise between Users or with any other third party. Users shall resolve any such disputes on their own through negotiation, litigation, etc.
  7. Users shall maintain as strictly confidential any information they receive through the Services, and shall not leak or disclose the information to any third person.
  8. The Company possesses all rights concerning whatever provided by the Company within the scope of the Services including, but not limited to, information and services provided by the Company. The Company is not granting any license to Users for implementation or use of the patent rights, model utility rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, know-how or other intellectual property rights owned by the Company.
  9. Users shall manage the ID and password assigned to them by the Company after registration at their own responsibility.
  10. Users shall be responsible for handling the ID and password as the information described in Paragraph 7, and shall not allow them to be used by any third party or lease, transfer, trade, or pawn them, etc.
  11. Users shall be obliged to change their password regularly. If a User incurs damage as a result of failing to fulfill this obligation, the Company shall not be held responsible for such damages in any way.
  12. Users shall be responsible for damages caused by inappropriate management of the password and equipment where the password is input, errors in use, use by a third party, or other factors, and the Company shall not be held responsible for such damages in any way.
  13. In the event that a User is in breach of these Terms, the Company deems that a User has disrupted other Users without due cause, or the Company deems a User or the circumstances of such User's use to be inappropriate for any other reason, the Company may ban the User from using the Services, and delete and cancel the ID and password.
  14. The User-Stated Information shall refer to all information described by Users in the website operated by the Company, as well as all information exchanged between Users or between a User and the Company via e-mail or other means. A User who provides the User-Stated Information shall have full responsibility for that information. Users shall not provide any of the following information.
    1. Information that is false
    2. Information that is defamatory
    3. Information that contains obscene expressions or nude images
    4. Information that infringes the patent right, model utility right, design right, trademark right, copyright, portrait right or any other right
    5. Information that contains computer viruses
    6. Information soliciting actual contact with opposite sex and communication focusing on sex
    7. Information responding to a request for actual contact with opposite sex and communication focusing on sex
    8. Information that mediates information related to actual contact with opposite sex and communication focusing on sex
    9. Information that is offensive to public order and morals
    10. Information that violates laws and regulations
    11. Links to and URL of websites other than those approved by the Company
    12. Information similar or related to any of the above items
    13. Any other information deemed inappropriate by the Company
  15. In the event that the User-Stated Information breaches these Terms or the Company deems the information to be inappropriate for any other reason, the Company may delete the User-Stated Information.
  16. The Company may use the User-Stated Information for operating the Services, in advertising and promotion, press releases, business reports and allow any third person to use the information, by duplication or by any other means free of charge.
  17. Personal information that Users send to the Company shall be used for providing the Services and in accordance with the Company's privacy policy.
  18. The Company does not guarantee that the Services are free of interruption, suspension, or any other disorder.
  19. In the event that there are any changes to the information which Users have provided to the Company for registration to use the Services (the "Registered Information"), Users shall promptly notify the Company of such changes by means specified by the Company. In the absence of such notification, the Registered Information may be deemed unchanged by the Company.
  20. In the event that Users fail to notify the Company of such changes to the Registered Information, Users may not be able to use the Services.
  21. The Company may cease providing the Services at any time, for any reason.
  22. The Company may amend these Terms at its sole discretion. When the Terms have been amended, the amended Terms shall apply to all matters relating to the Services from then on.
  23. These Terms are originally prepared in the Japanese language, which language shall control, and any translation in any other language shall be for reference only and shall not bind Users or the Company.
  24. These Terms shall be deemed to have been made and executed in Japan and any disputes arising under these Terms shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  25. Any dispute arising out of these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

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